About Me

Ritual In A Jar is the dream child Allison, a Portland-based, Empath Leo woman with a soul driven by magic and the desire to assist her sisters in finding their own magic. She decided to start selling all-inclusive, do-it-yourself rituals after This very Intention ritual changed her entire life.

Allison was born in the Bayou city of Houston, Texas, and raised on the Gulf Coast surrounded by Catholicism, cajun food, and New Orleans Voodoo and Santeria. At an early age, she was turned off by the Catholic church, but embraced by Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Divine Mother Mary and The Magdalene in all her different incarnations. It was only when she experienced New Orleans Voodoo and Southern Hoodoo Rootwork while attending college in New Orleans did she feel like she'd found her truth - a divine mix of earth magic, the Lwa diaspora and Catholic Saints. Mix that in with some good old folk magic, Paganism, plant medicine, Chakra work and the power of Intention and Ritual in a Jar was born. Sharing her affinity for the unknown divine forces with friends makes her heart full.

All our rituals are made in Portland, Oregon, by Allison , in her witchy kitchen, under Lunar influence  once her 4 year old has gone to sleep.

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