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One of the easiest and most effective spells to do to draw something into your life is something simply called a Honey Jar. It is what it sounds like. A jar filled with honey. You know how much I love jars. What makes this jar of honey magical are your intent behind it and the items you add to the jar to increase the energy behind your intent. I have used Honey Jars to draw money and love, and to keep a lover as well.

I’m going to take you through the process of me creating a honey jar to draw a lover.

On a Waxing Moon, I have a clean jar (an empty Ritual in a Jar works nicely!), enough honey to fill said jar, a dried rose bud, a fresh rose bud, a piece of paper and pen, love drawing oil, a silver heart charm….

You know what? Let’s be very specific. I want a man who is kind, who is sweet. So, I’m going to add a vanilla bean. I want a man who makes a good living so I’m going to add a gold coin. Also, I want it to be a bit spicy so I add a cinnamon stick. I have a lion charm that I found and that feels right to add; I’m a Leo and I need a man who can handle a lioness. I’m adding some glitter because I want sparkly magic, dirt because I want him to be grounded. I want there to be emotional depths and a seashell makes me think of that, so I’m adding a sand dollar. I’m trying to show you here that I’m being very personal and very intuitive about it. Symbolism is so very unique to each individual that it is way better to FEEL what your honey jar needs than to go off a list in a book. I wish for a man who is in touch with the magic available to us so I add a tiny labradorite. I want someone protective and grounded so I add a small obsidian arrow.


Here comes the most important part. The petition. This will also vary because if you have someone specific this is where you write their name, in cursive, no breaks between the first, last, and middle name, without picking the pen write your first middle and last name, without picking up the pen circle the whole thing twice.  Under that I write what I want to happen. Example:  You will love me as much as I love you forever and ever and we will get married and have a dog” – ANYTHING you want, is perfectly fine to write. What I do next (and you definitely don’t need to!!), is prick my left ring finger and cover it with a few drops of blood. Anointing oils also work. I then fold the paper up and stick a pin through the middle of it. Place the petition in the jar and pour that honey in, covering everything, speaking and visualizing the outcome you desire. (side note- if you have any hair or nails of the person add them as well)

Next I will set a red chime candle a top of the jar, anoint it with Come to Me oil, light it while softly repeating their name and what I want. I will do this every night until I get my wish.


Now if you don’t have a specific person, you make the petition with your name- no picking up the pen. Write what you want in a lover. Sprinkle in any words you want, get creative! The more personalized it is, the more likely it is to work!


So, you can see, other than the jar, the honey, petition, and candle, there’s no standard way to do it. Once you start following your intuition while practicing it will become second nature.

As always please feel free to email any questions to Ritualinajar@gmail.com or through my IG @Ritualinajar


  • What do you do with the jars long after the spell has been cast. Say, if I cast a spell with a honey jar two years ago, how do you dispose of them?

    Victoria on

  • I love this idea so much! So for money its basically the same thing?

    Luna (La La) on

  • What about for someone who claims they “aren’t ready for anything serious”? Can this be used?

    Cas on

  • Omg i love this!! What do I need to add for someone who is loyal and committed? What about funny? Also who respects me? I love all the elements you listed and will be using those as well. Thank you!

    Deja on

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