New Birch Moon 2017

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One thing I keep being astounded at is how the more I pay attention and attune myself to the moons cycles, the more sensitive to them I become . Around the New moon, I’m tender, extra sensitive, easily wounded. Around the Full Moon I’m ready to get stoned and drink wine, and dance and howl at the moon with my girlfriends while burning stuff in our cauldron. It’s as dreamy as it sounds. This New Moon has me feeling very sensitive to the things I no longer want in my life. I feel as though a great Unblocking has occurred and I’m vigilant against anything that I feel messes with the flow of the energetic current from beyond. I have been wearing Tibetan Quartz in my bra… I feel it girds me against negative energy. I wear The Dark Exact’s Black Cat Oil which is incredibly effective at guarding against negative vibes or Energy Vampires. I smudge with 2 kinds of Sage (White Sage and Desert Sage) every night as well as burning Palo Santo, spraying Florida Water, burning Nag Champa, and Sweetgrass (I’m a bit of a firebug). I wear Black Tourmaline ( that I had commissioned on Etsy- it’s pretty and dainty- smallish beads)that I cleanse nightly with Selenite, Salt, and Sage. I wear Citrine, Rose Quartz, or Black Tourmaline in my bra and in my belly button to strengthen my reserves against bossy, forceful or manipulative people. Im working on strengthening my Manipura, or Solar Plexus Chakra while keeping my Heart Chakra wide open. I’m pretty much obsessed with energy and Chakras and Kundalini energy and Shakti and meditation- which I only discovered this past year- before that I was 100% Voodoo and Kitchen Witchery . Learning about, and strengthening my chakras, and raising my Kundalini has changed my life. I started meditating last February, and it was what my magic was missing. It allows me to really commune with the Ether. I believe Ive become very aware of the emotional vortexes we get sucked into, and how to get out of that and into the vortex of what we want instead of what we don’t want.
If it makes you unhappy , don’t focus on it. Only focus on what makes you happy and that will increase- whatever you focus on will increase, so do it with Intention . Always write it down. Write in your journal right before you fall asleep and right when you wake up to receive messages through your dreams. Strengthen your heart against sadness. Love yourself fiercely,

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  • It is SO true about writing it down!

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