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The Aries Supermoon is gracing our skies this evening and not coincidentally, today is also the official launch of our website. Aries is the sign of independence, leadership, initiation, and action, so it's no surprise that today's our big day. And to celebrate, we thought we'd give you a free and easy way to honor this powerful moon.

When the full, heavy moon hangs pregnant in her glorious fecundity in the sky, it's the most powerful time for intuition, cleansing, recharging and letting go. One way to channel the power of the full moon is in making full moon water. 

Full Moon Water Ceremony
Get a container that's big enough to hold all the full moon water you'll need. You can use mine it to drink, in baths, in your garden, anything. When choosing your container, keep in mind the element of it. A metal bowl will infuse the water with metal characteristics. Wood or ceramic, earth.  Using glass will ensure you get all the moonlight you can. Leave it out under the full moon. Voilà! Moon Water. You can divide it into mason jars with lids and keep it in the fridge, labeling them to include the information of the lunar and solar astrological signs and any eclipse or astrological event associated with it. 

Take photos and tag us in your full moon water ritual with @Ritualinajar.


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