Pulling the Veil Aside

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                              ♾ October Spirits ♾ 

                      ∞ Allison Elizabeth Norman ∞ 


It’s October….  Which means things are getting weird…  They always, always do.  My first memories of October, Autumn, and Halloween are memories of feeling extra.  Extra powerful, extra excited, extra happy… just extra. 


I always forget just how weird and deeply  transformative.  October always is for me. Until it rolls around again.  After the full moon  last Thursday, I felt like a raw nerve. Too sensitive, too irritable, too touchy.  Oh!! I keep forgetting what happened on Thursday afternoon before that crazy Aries full moon.  I was outside  in my backyard. It’s a truly perfect day.  Cool, crisp, sunshine, breezy… I’m harvesting my Borage when I notice something overhead and to the SE of me…. Is it Hawks? It’s tons of huge birds , Like 17 of them doing a crazy infinity sign formation so far up in the sky I can barely see them. I took  video. It was incredibly powerful.  I had chills the whole time and felt deep in my bones that this was specifically for me.   I thought, perhaps, I was the only witness to this supernatural seeming occurrence.  It turned out to be a kettle of Vultures. Vultures are powerful transformative medicine . They have an undeserved bad reputation. They are the Purifiers. They burn up that which is deadweight. 

Most definitely deep Shamanic medicine.  I feel very blessed by this gift, and could see what in my life needed to be given to the vultures to cleanse and purify me. It was powerful, it was deeply disconcerting.  I was shaken to my core. I recognized I was out of sorts and hid away as best as possible. I did my daily morning meditation on Saturday and found it to be  incredibly intense.   My bedroom was filled with sparkles, what looked like how I would imagine ley lines would look, and orbs.  Mostly blue orbs.  While meditating and afterwards it felt as though electricity, not blood,  was  running through my veins.  I didn’t leave the house until Sunday midmorning.  That’s when the second odd occurrence happened.


   I was driving down SE Flavel in Milwaukie Oregon, which is basically Portland. It’s like 5 minutes driving time from my house.  It’s about 11 am and there are plenty of cars driving down the windy road. Suddenly, I see what can only be described as three gorgeous wolves running down the side of the road, the opposite way that  I was driving.  My mind quickly tried to convince me that it was 3 dogs, but that simply didn’t make sense… The thing is that there are a ton of coyotes in Portland, and even more in Milwaukie, as it’s not nearly as developed.  I swear, though, these were grey wolves. Three beautiful, huge Grey Wolves happily loping along. Was it real? Were they escaped Huskies? Were they  Coyotes? Was I hallucinating?  I’ll never know for sure but when I see them in my mind’s eye they are 3 huge grey wolves.


Wolf Medicine is just what I needed as well.  Wolves are highly social creatures, the myth of the “lone wolf” being just that.  Wolf medicine is all about being brave. Being so strong and ferocious that having an open heart doesn’t make you vulnerable, it makes you courageous. Letting go of fear.  Trusting.  Loving your people hard as you can, with unconditional love.  Which means no conditions. Which is a daily practice. What if only love is real? Wolf Medicine.  I felt very blessed to be receiving these animal totems. 


Then Monday happened and things got really weird. 


 ∞ ∞ Ok. I just now realized something as I’m typing this that has me quite shaken. ∞ ∞ 


I was back in Milwaukie, on the same road. Down the road a little, coming out of a store when my attention was caught by 3 men who at first glance struck me as meth addicts. I was taken aback by their aggressive leering, it was a Monday morning and they stopped walking as I passed by. Stopped and were just standing there just staring at me, grinning like predators. The smallest one, the one closest to me was staring at me so intently, so hungrily,  that my rage surfaced and as soon as I was going to give him the evil eye ……. well… he shimmered…., he wavered.. he glitched…. For a second he looked, he seemed very…. Beastly?  My brain said “danger” and I looked away and walked on. I was so angry and shaken I called a friend before I even left that parking lot, ranting about the “Beastly” man and the way he looked at me with hungry eyes so early on a freaking Monday.

(EDIT: Were those 3 men the Wolves?!?!)


Isn’t it so weird how the mind works? How it wants to protect you from knowing some things?  It’s just in typing these two occurrences that happened less than a mile apart, a day apart. I just now put this all together.



Because It didn’t dawn on me that I was seeing non-humans until I saw the next one, an hour and a half later.


At this point I’m driving down Caesar Chavez in SE Portland, Hawthorne District.  I see a lady who  just did not look "right".   I just instantly did a double take. She was walking down the opposite side of the street that I was driving, walking the opposite way.  It looked  as though someone painted her into the scene of SE Portland on a semi -  busy Monday.   She was, I’d say in her 70’s, perfectly round.  Very Pleasantly, like a balloon, a cheerful red balloon as she was wearing a smart, swingy red trapeze coat and a bright green bowler hat and cornflower blue shoes and clutching what looked like a hymnal. Traipsing lightly, almost skipping… That’s when my brain went, “Nope! Look again!”  She shimmered.  She glitched.  In fact, her feet were not actually touching the ground when I looked back at her in the rearview mirror.


   At that moment, I remembered a friend whom I consider highly intelligent and deeply wise, telling me, quite recently, that if you look closely there are a lot of non-  humans wandering around. “They glitch", he said, "watch for it.”    Remembering that,  it dawned on me. She didn’t look like she belonged because she didn’t belong.  My mind is reeling.  I turn to my right.  I see a man. He looks like he’s 7 feet tall.  African descent, his skin looked like navy blue velvet. Extremely skinny, but in no way, did he look malnourished, underfed or homeless, his energy was regal...He was wearing only what I can describe (I mean I took in all this data quickly, as I’m driving by him) as a designer sweat suit. It’s grey and it looks like it might be cashmere. Soft grey pants, Soft matching layered like grey sweater and a hat made of matching material.  I looked at him and again, my brain went “Nope!”, and he most definitely glitched.  I have chills writing this, because of what happened next.


Mind you, I’m simply one of many cars driving down the road, glancing at people, but as soon as my mind said “nope!”, he turned to me and cocked his head in some creepy recognition. Obviously, I just kept driving, unnerved by the fact that he absolutely knew that I knew that he wasn’t human. What do you think he did then?!  He starts waving his arms madly and running down the sidewalk, shouting and pointing at me.  He soon disappeared in my rearview mirror. I was vibrating as I pulled into the Hawthorne Fred Meyer, the one with the revolving sushi. Then it dawned on me. I chuckled and said to myself. “Ohhhhhh YEAH! It’s October!!” That Veil is whisper thin right now, you guys...




  • Sarah!! Thank you so so much!!! In my humble opinion I think Intentions is the best Ritual to start out with ✨?✨

    Allison on

  • Allison,
    Your blog is fascinating and so well written!! I also cannot wait to order my first ritual in a jar, I just don’t know which one to choose!!


    Sara on

  • Malora!!!! Omg. I lived in Durango Colorado for a year, right by a Navajo Reservation…. Skinwalkers… there’s NOTHING scarier!! I am definitely planning to write a blog about my experience with Skinwalkers!!

    Allison on

  • omg i had goosebumps just reading this!! thank you for sharing. that is so interesting how describe it as a glitch. i can definitely envision that in my mind. like the veil partially glitched to allow you to see what they truly are. i see it as another layer, in which they exist, but now that layer is converging with ours little by little as we approach samhain! and you know whats so funny, when i was reading your initial post on instagram, the FIRST word that popped in my head was changeling!! that’s exactly what i felt when you were describing everything. i was also thinking skinwalker but thats creepier :S and im sure it’s not that:P anyways i think the wolves and the vultures incidents are fascinating, definitely explore those more, especially the power of the number 3. maybe it’s all a deeper message! i like that you really trust your intuition and instinct to tell you what you’re seeing. i’m going to try to keep my eyes open too and pay attention to this glitch :) thanks again for sharing!!

    Molara on

  • I love this! I am not sure how many non-humans live here on Maui but I will definitely be looking… I love the glitches… I am bringing my awareness and I am ready to see!

    Nicole on

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