BLUE: My Mob Boss Uncle Spirit Guardian

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BLUE: My Mob Boss Uncle Spirit Guardian 

My spirit guardian Blue first appeared shortly after my dad died. It was a really sudden and very traumatic, and I was really very very  angry. I think it was the day after his funeral, I was so mad that I just started screaming. As if something had tripped in my brain. Animalistic soul pleading straight from the void of love just created in my lonely abyss type of creaming. I was 25. One day he was just doing a “quick rehab stint” in order to have a hip surgery. Next thing i know he’s - in ICU with total organ failure. For 11 days I tried to talk him into staying although I knew nothing would change the fate of this. It was the most excruciating fucking time in my life. He went into a coma 12:00 am on 11/01/01 


He died 11/11/01 at 11:11 am 

I was the kid who always knew it was 11:11 without looking at the clock and would announce it (( I’m really old… This was way before everybody had phones everywhere so it was definitely more phenomenon to always call it, catch it), I told everybody “make a wish it’s 1111…!”  And I have no idea why I said that or where I got that from. 

So ~ 

My dad. I’ve told the story.

I laid on his chest as he took his last breath, as his soul left his body. I guided his soul up. I had been able ⚜︎ see HIM- through the coma- he was terrified and wanted out of his body bad. No fucking way I would not be there with him every step humanly possible. But the ache it left- 

The void

To so acutely feel that loss

That sudden absence 

That sudden void of love available to me- it was ~ so disturbing- my dads love was so big (and dysfunctional and toxic) that it’s absence … anyways

I’m screaming 

Wondering if eventually I’ll have an aneurism~ then desperately hoping for one. 

When, all of a sudden, in the corner, I see a bright blue orb~ maybe 5“ x 5”

I screamed 


and it disappeared in reaction to my fury 

Which startled my tears away and I gasped as it appeared in the other corner…, 

I again yelled at it to fuck off I want to die so unless you are here to kill me get the fuck out. 

But it just hovered and my god I’d  never experienced anything like that or even heard of it, but it COMMUNICATED 


I love you 

I am sorry 

I love you 

I immediately immediately thought the word “spirit guide”- which is interesting, because that is how it identified itself to me. I even remember thinking of a Native American at hearing that term, … Interesting I always always felt it as and addressed it as a male energy. 

So I named him Blue 

And he was always there in the nick of time … I was an actress, and a talent agent, and a total party girl and pill head. Champagne +Valium + a blunt was my idea of the perfect cocktail. 

So most of the times when I would see Blue, the orb, I would be when I was driving… Even with his help I totaled three cars.

But I would be texting, or looking for something and I would see a blue light and I would know to look up because I was about to hit another car. 

I started getting auric migraines… I had always gotten migraines, but I have never gotten the auras…

But all of a sudden I would get blue auras and know that whatever dumb fucking gangster my best friend was trying to get me to hang out with because she was dating him…..was gonna get me killed.  

(an example~  I refused to hang out with her boyfriend and his loser friends after one of them pulled out and started twirling a loaded Glock ~ I said “can you put that up please?”, and he said “what?!? you don’t think I know what I’m doing?!” I said,  “I’m a NRA pro marksman sharpshooter buddy, and can clearly  see that you don’t know what you’re fucking doing“

And left 

I had a migraine the whole way over there and the whole time we were there, but as soon as I left it went away.

Later on a Rolling 60 (Houston Gang) came in with a semi automatic and shot the place up. Nobody was shot, but still my best friend was there, and obviously traumatized.

(I don’t need to mention but will that I knew the gunman really well (a close friend’s brother and local heroin cartel mule)  and had narrowly avoided being date raped by him on 3 occasions.~ 



If I was going the wrong way  it would light up my periphery until I figured it out… like driving to Austin for an audition for a part in a Natalie Portman movie ~ but I was going the wrong way (I’m real bad at directions)  and ended up in Nacadoches 

So, since 2001 I depended on blue orb that I called it Blue to guide me and keep me safe. I never told anyone.

 When I became pregnant Blue gave way to my grandma Anele’s energy whom I called upon daily, Her Mary Queen of Heaven, Immaculate Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe  most maternal warm protective energy that smells of fresh roses swirling around me at all times. 

I also had dreams that my dad was - this makes sense since my baby daddy (he was my long-term boyfriend of 20 years) was unemployed and uninterested in employment ~ 

I had dreams that my dad would just be standing behind me in a dark suit holding a stack of hundreds. - The dream would be a scene that had happened prior that day, like me at the grocery store, but I would see it… With my dad standing behind me. I knew he was telling me that he was protecting me. 

After I had my son, I had a couple of very psychic friends comment that they saw or felt more accurately, a protective male figure standing behind me- fatherly-  two of them identified im as my father, although I knew it wasn’t because they said that he wore a uniform. Was my dad in the military? A policeman? No.. a real estate developer…also they both said he was really really huge, which my dad was not. 

Cut to the first Samhain Ancestor Ritual I did in Portland. My first in my home. My son was maybe three, it was nice it was perfect,  it was a moving… I said beautiful words about all of my dearly departed… It was very serious and celebratory and loving… I had written everything down and I read it out loud..,,

My dad, my grandparents, and mother in law, and father in law, and best friend Lucy, many other other friends..  I have an inordinate amount of loved ones who passed. 

But then, at the end.. for no reason..  

I giggle and blurt out “and Uncle Shorty Norman” and laugh because it was so weird and unexpected. 

I actually looked around too. It was a moment in time I will never forget.

My mom and little sister do a lot of volunteer work for the Special Olympics, and a lot of that volunteer work is with police departments. Mostly HPD, Houston Police Department. 

November 1, the next day, my mom calls obviously excited 

“Allison!! The WEIRDEST thing happened!”

Turns out my mom and sister were in Webster Texas that day doing fundraising for the special Olympics with the Texas Sheriff’s organization…

So they’re introducing themselves and when my mom says their last name is Norman, the Sheriff says 

“Well, I’ll be damned. My beloved boss, the Sheriff before me, was a Norman!! JR, or as we called him “Shorty Norman!”

She had so much fun telling him that Shorty Norman was her dead ex husbands uncle!!! 

When she called to tell  me this story I 

Interrupted to breathlessly tell her about my ancestor Ceremony 

I got to the end of the story ~ the part where i randomly thought of Uncle Shorty 

When she was like 

~~~ I think about my mom, is that she’s a really powerful witch, But doesn’t really use her powers… But she has never ever ever doubted mine even though we don’t exactly talk about it, it’s always been understood that I’m a witch—-

So yeah 

That’s the first confirmation 

Maybe I should tell you a little about this man… Who actually has a book written about him because of course he does. 

When I was growing up and people  asked me what I wanted to be When I grew up, I would often say that I either wanted to be in the CIA or in the mafia.

Neither made any sense, as many people pointed out to me I would completely suck at both. 

How strange is it, how utterly fucking weird is it that as it turns out… My dad‘s family- the Normans, were basically cops/mafia which was so insane a concept. 

There’s a book about my dad’s side of the family ~ it’s actually about Uncle Shorty/ JR Norman. 

The first time I met him I was three and I immediately burst into tears, he was 6’7” 

And had a voice that could shake the earth ~ SO MIRTHFUL ~ but then again I was his tiny adorable niece - I was tired and it was dark and late in my grandma Ossie Norman’s house in Monroe Louisiana when arrived for my grandpa’s funeral…(Shorty’s bröther- my grandpa~~ i later learned FROM THE BOOK Lol) he moved from the Norman stronghold( like 4 cop/mob boss brothers) in Galveston to Louisiana and became a construction worker. He was the most generous and gentle man I’ve ever known. He was always dirt poor because he cared more about his friends having food for their kids than money. Sadly my dad didn’t respect his father because of this… I mean my dad died a long time ago, so it’s not like it matters~ But he totally he went to his uncles~~. It’s actually funny because this book came out after my dad had died, so I couldn’t ask him… But it talked about how the uncles would get their nephews who mastered and accounting and get them to go into real estate… Which is exactly what my dad did. Lots of big real estate in New Jersey. 

So it’s just funny in hindsight… Because not knowing any of this but I’ll never forget all the stories my dad told me about having to work with the mafia whenever you worked in real estate in New Jersey, and all the wonderful stories he told… I realize how that sounds, but his stories were wonderful they were just about meetings with my bosses over spaghetti in really really old New York restaurants…. I mean honestly my dad was an alcoholic, and I always thought he was exaggerating… 

I guess not 

So more about Sheriff Shorty Norman aka Blue

He was a Sheriff but wore a gold Rolex and owned a huge ranch 



His second wife ~ you cannot make this shit up, it’s public record- was the Madame of the local whorehouse in Galveston. Her name? Virginia HOOKER. Anyways 

Back to Shorty. He was business partners and close friends with Joe Bonono. Of the Cosva Noevstra. Often stayed at Shorty's ranch alongside their other good friend who liked to join them on hunting trips. The one and only LBJ- the sitting Vice President.

Again - so as most people’s great uncle/ spirit guides were; my uncles were questioned by the Warren Commision 

See they were nowhere to be found that day

they had gone on a hunting trip

Sooo.. just another part to that story that I always found too fucking weird.

My grandpa, sweet Harold O Norman I…

So if you were to google page 70 of the Warren commission report 

A whole lot of it, the trajectory of the bullet is based on the testimony of one

Harold Norman 

Not my grandpa to be sure, a younger African American man….

But what the actual fuck.

That’s WEIRD. 

Anyways ~ 

Years later I was referred to a very private very powerful medium in Portland. Referral only, She was very picky about who she would see. Married to a Portland detective, she helps solve cold cases. I won’t go into my experience, except to say it is instantly apparent that she is angelic in origin. It was exquisite. I was able to talk to my father and my best friend Lucy and my grandparents through her. The language, tone, words used, cadence, energy… it was actually very “heavenly” in her living room- a humongous gorgeous historic North Portland home, raised up, very held, very warm, safe cozy, golden light secured away in some magical nest feeling… it felt like a brunch in heaven. It was WILD. When I walked in she just started channeling, and after awhile I said “can I ask something?” She said “sure”, I said ……”is there a Lucy here? Lucy Jane?” I gulped back tears as she said “it wasn’t your fault, Lucy tells me she died in a car accident and that it wasn’t supposed to be you… she’s telling me she loves you. She says she got off easy, she’s been with you this whole time. It wasn’t supposed to be you”.


That had been my deepest wound since age of 16. 

So anyways after blowing my mind repeatedly she starts telling me about my Spirit guides. The first one makes her laugh, she’s never see. A spirit guide present as such: a she’s assuming Scottish Fairy Queen- she says she has long red hair that’s in braids with flowers and she’s riding a beautiful white horse and carrying a huge bow…. and she’s barking orders in some language she’s never heard. She is laughing at my spirit guide, she says she’s “fierce,” 

Then my medium gazes  at me and says to herself 

“Ahh you’re a Leo. That’s why you’re so powerful”

Then she told me about my other spirit guide. She said he’s been really quiet the whole time.. (((FUCKKKK I JUSSSSTTT REALIZED SOMETHING))))) 

anyways she says “he’s been in the hallway this whole time”


“He’s a general? A police officer? He is in a uniform, very official, very important man.. very very tall. Over 6’ “5…… he loves you a lot. He tells me you’re easy now… you used to keep him on his toes- he’s saying it was a hard job to keep you alive” 

That’s when I knew she was talking about Blue 

And THATS when I knew Blue was my Uncle Shorty, 

The funny thing about the hallway though- I never realized that I met him in the hallway… haha because on the Beltane after meeting my medium I decided to speak to my spirit guides. I used some plant medicine and got into a trance and a ritual bath. 

I called my guides. 

The Faery Queen immediately came through, and she was pissed she was like, “why are you wasting time what do you need to talk to me about?!”

And I said “tell me why are you here?”

And she almost spat at me “bitch! Same reason we’re always here, to save women from the church!!! Every lifetime same thing! Think you’d remember!!”

I was embarrassed and put in my place. I asked her “where is the Blue ?” 

I mean to be brave enough to talk to your spirit guides out loud and have them answer and yell at you… 

again she was PISSED 

“What DO YOU MEAN?! Where do you THINK he is?! He’s in the hallway!! You’re in the bathtub! He is a GENTLEMAN”

Only now has the hallway theme come to my attention.

Anyways this story ended up being about 11x longer than planned. 


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