Ancestral Ritual

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Ancestral Blessing Ritual 🕸
I perform this ritual during late October/early November when we celebrate Samhain, Halloween, Dia de Muertos, and All Saints Day. For deeply personal reasons as well this time of year brings me close to the other dimension as the veil between the two worlds is lifted I feel my father and grandmother around me and am reminded of our impermanence. Of the cycle of seasons and log life, the circle, the divine order. This ritual at this time of year brings me comfort, the days are getting shorter and this ritual is an appropriate way to welcome the dark of Winter that must follow every Summer

Make a makeshift altar of Candles, flowers, burn Sage and incense if you have it. Add pictures of your dearly departed and ancestors. Offer things they will enjoy. Flowers, chocolates, rum, cigars.. Anything they loved in life they love in their energetic bodies. Light the candles and burn Sage, smudging yourself and the altar. Say a blessing for them, honoring them and thanking them for watching over you. In light and love ask for continued blessings of protection and express your love and connection. Leave out the food overnight and in the morning bury it. You will feel the kinship of your ancestors.


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